AF Logistica - Logistica and Distribution,Transports,Magazzino Multi Temperature,Fruits and Vegetables Catering  AF Logistica - Logistica and Distribution,Transports,Magazzino Multi Temperature,Fruits and Vegetables Catering

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Our strenghts 


      AF Logistica fleet is composed of 40 vehicles, each one with 8/10 pallets, all provided of bulkhead and lateral door and for the 70 % with hydraulic board; n. 7 engines of 23 pallets with bulkhead and hydraulic board; n.1 balance of 33 pallets provided of bulkhead. N. 1 engine and 3 vehicles of 8 pallets are even provided of a double fridge installation in the cold store.


      AF Logistica is a society which is high qualified in the multi-temperature alimentary distribution +2°C;+4°C;+6°C;+18°C;-27°C and thanks to the  equipments built up on each vehicle AF it can guarantee any kind of temperature requests.


      AF Logistica provides a service which is able to monitor all the delivery activities through constant telephone contact with the external operators and it is able to provide a punctual feedback to customers for any kind of problems. AF Logistica is dealing with a new information packet which will allow the net permanent monitoring of all delivery activities, both in qualitative (temperature checking, delivery in time, etc) and quantitative terms ( volumes, merchandise integrity etc.)


      AF Logistica can offer a logistic plan which covers the requested areas. The efficiency of the service is a company choice without any kind of additional costs.


      Goods management activities in our goods shed, which is supported by an information system and by an operative system(Dedalo of SIPE), are possible thanks to the radiofrequency and voice picking.


      Our magazine in Roma Via del Maggiolino:

      Certified his own logistic services through CISQCERT with the certificate n. 09.1584 in accordance with the law UNI EN ISO  9001:2008 with international validity conferred by the IQNet  with certificate n. IT-23475.

      Our magazine in Santa Palomba Via di Torre Maggiore:

      Certified his own Quality Management System in accordance with the law UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 through DNV ( certificate 92327-2011-AQ-ITA-ACCREDIA) for stocking, perishable and non perishable alimentary products Distribution, frozen and deep-frozen foods.